With pressing environmental, social challenges and customer demand for sustainability driving the need for a more responsible and ethical world, sustainability will continue to expand its reach and relevancy impacting all career roles within organizations. But this could be a great opportunity to ensure career growth, stability, and personal job satisfaction. Incorporating sustainable policies and practices into your job description has gone far past the right thing to do. It is now a competitive advantage that helps to align your role to the values of employers, customers, and communities they serve.

Integrating Sustainability into your job can be as simple as minimizing waste, resource materials or energy utilized to conduct day-to-day activities. Consider these three steps to competitively include sustainability to help advance your career objectives and job satisfaction.

  1. What changes or additions can you make to your job description to reduce waste, minimize the use of energy or raw materials, or perhaps, supporting environmental projects within your industry or community?
  2. How will you communicate the changes you have made to your role to support your organizations’ commitment to protecting the planet?
  3. Howcan you effectively measure and communicate the value of changes in your role to help drive both environmental and commercial business objectives?
  4. If you’re stuck with any of the above three ideas, consider reaching out to industry or business colleagues on social media or at networking events. Discuss, listen, learn, and brainstorm the above ideas and through collaboration develop new best practices that you can try, share, and inspire others!

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