What Sugar Sheet Copy Paper is made with compared to wood fibre copy paper?

  • Sugar Sheet Copy Paper is made from using the waste fibre of sugar cane called “Bagasse”. Bagasse is the remaining agricultural fibre after sugar cane has been harvested and used to produce; sugar, juices, alcohol and biofuels.Traditional wood fibre copy paper is produced using tree-fibre from trees.
  • Traditional wood fibre copy paper is produced using tree-fibre from trees.

How is Sugar Sheet Copy Paper more eco-friendly than traditional wood fibre paper?

Two independent Life Cycle Assessment conducted by TruCost (www.trucost.com), a leading global environmental firm concluded that in comparison to manufacturing wood fibre papers, Sugar Sheet Paper measurably reduces the release of greenhouse gas emissions and water usage and uses no tree fibre. Concluding that the eco-savings for Sugar Sheet Paper compared to traditional wood fibre paper:

  • Every two boxes of Sugar Sheet Copy Paper saves 1 tree
  • Every two boxes of Sugar Sheet Copy Paper saves 68 kgs of CO2 emissions

What Canadian Organizations are using Sugar Sheet Paper today?

Over the past 5 years, The Federal Gov’t of Canada approved and used Sugar Sheet Copy Paper as an eco-friendly copy paper to support Canadian Government’s net-zero and carbon reduction policies. Sugar Sheet Paper is also used by several Canadian provincial and municipal gov’t divisions as well as provincial hospitals and colleges and universities such as; University of BC, University of Toronto, BCIT, SFU and by leading environmental organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation.

Where can I purchase Sugar Sheet Copy Paper AND does it $cost more than traditional wood fibre copy paper?

Our team is committed to ensuring the price of Sugar Sheet Paper is comparable to traditional recycled wood fibre office paper. We work with Canadian office and paper suppliers across Canada to ensure competitive & comparative pricing. We want to ensure your organizations can switch to Sugar Sheet Copy Paper without having to pay more for the added value of sustainability. Sugar Sheet Copy Paper is distributed by; Staples Professional, Hamster / Novexco, Grand and Toy, Monks Office, Mills Basics as well as regional distributors across Canada. Sugar Sheet Paper is also sold at all 88 London Drugs Retail Stores across Western Canada.

Does Sugar Sheet Copy Paper offer the same quality, print performance and archival longevity as traditional wood fibre paper?

Yes! Sugar Sheet Copy Paper provides the same level of paper quality and performance as traditional wood fibre paper. Sugar Sheet Paper has been certified by Ricoh and Xerox and proudly supports OEM print centres across Canada. Sugar Sheet Paper is also BLI Laboratory 99.9% Jam Free Certified and has archival rating of “Permanent”, which is equal to that of traditional wood fibre office papers.

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