About Social Print Paper

A leader in the advancement of alternative fibre paper.

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About Social Print Paper

A leader in the advancement of alternative fibre paper.

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Who is Social Print Paper

Social Print Paper is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We are a recognized global leader in creating greater awareness for eco-friendly paper and helping organizations across North America reduce their carbon emissions. Our copy paper, made from recycled sugar cane fibre, is proudly used by government, education, and businesses across Canada that are committed to measurably reducing carbon emissions in support of organizational ESG policies.

Additionally, we work closely with customers, supply chain partners, as well as environmental and government agencies to develop ideas and best practices that advance the social and commercial benefits of sustainability by operationalizing policy to ensure positive change.

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What We are Solving

At Social Print Paper we are driven by 3 focus goals: to improve Life on Land, to integrate Climate Action, and to advocate for Responsible Consumption and Production.

In order to realize our goals, we provide carbon-neutral paper to slow climate change, we support reforestation to bolster global sequestration, improve ecosystems and restore animal habitats, and we provide practical sustainability education at events.

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The Challenge

Sustainable products have been available for decades, but there has always been one fundamental challenge: businesses and consumers have been asked to pay a significant premium, or sacrifice performance. We recognize that there’s no appetite for this. It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to pay more for paper in order to slow climate change and deforestation.

The Opportunity

Sugar Sheet copy paper is carbon neutral and made from recycled sugar cane fibre, making it possible for organizations to immediately:
• eliminate all carbon emissions associated with copy paper,
• eliminate the wood fibre used to make copy paper, and
• to support today’s ESG initiatives.
All this, without sacrificing paper quality, performance, or price.

We plant trees. We don't cut them down.

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We’d love to support your sustainability efforts

As advocates for Responsible Consumption and Production, we regularly speak at environmental and procurement conferences, and support media stories with an organizational sustainability focus. If you are looking for a powerful speaker with a fresh, practical message on sustainability please reach out to Minto Roy at minto@socialprint.com. We’d love to support you in any way we can.

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