Traditionally procurement and supply chain professionals have been chained to the variables of price and meeting product specifications when procuring products and services to support business objectives. However, the growing collaboration and interdependency and between supply chain and sustainability is where the future of responsible and competitive business lies.

Innovate supply chain leaders are embracing sustainable practices not merely as a moral obligation but a strategic imperative to drive efficiency, foster innovation advance net-zero procurement and organizational environmental policies. Furthermore, supply chain leaders have recognized that as consumer demand for companies that proactively incorporate sustainability into their supply chain will be better poised to thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape where leaving a positive impact on the planet has become a coveted value-added benefit.

Supply Chain professionals are well positioned to become the backbone of sustainable commerce. Influencing every step in producing and delivering a product or service. From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, transportation and distribution. Supply Chain policies exert significant influence on environmental, economic, and social factors. The growth of sustainability within these policies must seek to minimize negative impacts while maximizing positive social and business outcomes.

The intersection of supply chain management and sustainability has emerged as the critical lynch pin for business worldwide. Supply Chain professionals must recognize and leverage their unique vantage point that allows them to develop and deploy sustainable policies across every facet of the business. By making conscious decision about suppliers and materials, they can significantly reduce the ecological footprint while bolstering ethical and social standards.

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