Case Study Utilizing Tru-Cost Data: A Canadian University that uses 70 million sheets (14,000 boxes) of wood fibre copier paper each year will save 7957 trees per year and reduce its carbon footprint by 381,000 kg simply by switching to Wheat Sheet. They are now planning the integration of these savings within their marketing and communications to align with the values of their students, faculty, administration and community.

As a graphical representation of these environmental savings, click here to view a bar chart.

In addition to the smaller footprint, the Wheat Sheet ensures that ancient and endangered forests can continue absorbing greenhouse gases, providing oxygen, maintaining animal habitats, growing plants for medicine, assisting with climate stability, etc.

Another look at savings:

Environmental impact comparison of 1 metric ton (44 boxes) of 20 lb. virgin copy paper vs Wheat Sheet

0% Recycled (Virgin)

30% Recycled

100% Recycled

Trees Saved by Wheat Sheet 25 trees less 18 trees less  1 tree more
Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction 1200 kg less 900 kg less  200 kg less

The numbers above are certified by TruCost. To view the Executive Summary of the TruCost Life Cycle Assessment, please click below:

Life Cycle Assessment of Wheat Sheet – Executive Summary (PDF)